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She wore a rainbow jacket and denim suspenders.
She gave a fair warning to whomever chose to enter.

She went by the name of Max, and she was the city farmer
She never took off her cowgirl boots, or layers of sheep wool armor.

She had a lovely little farm smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles city,
But she learned rather quickly—running a farm isn’t always pretty.

So she embraced the chaos, the miracles and disasters.
She decided to step back and let life be her master.

Her farm quickly turned into a circus—which she never imagined,
But the best part of the story is how it all happened.

Ms. Max had never intended to turn her backyard into a farm,
But when things started going green she figured it couldn’t cause much harm!

It all started when Max had accidentally hurt her back.
Her neighbor, old man Wilson, said he knew of a way to get it back in wack.

“Bee sting therapy!!” He shouted, “The stinger of a bee could help your aches and pain!”
So they sat there and stabbed each other with bee stingers again and again.

It helped out her achey back and got her in a much better mood!
So she became a beekeeper, and learned that bee eggs make great chicken food!

So she acquired some chickens at her farm in the city.
Shortly after she was approached by the environmental committee.

They asked the city farmer if she had room for 22 sheep.
They wanted to use them for landscaping and weed up-keep.

So she built a fence for the sheep to stay.
They had water and food and a shady spot to lay.

Until she woke one night to a howling out back.
It was the sound of coyotes ready for attack!!

Luckily she got there in time to scare them away.
She was oh so thankful that her sheep were okay.

Over urbanized coyotes had taken over the streets of the city.
They attacked small animals, children and even a kitty!

So Max knew she needed to find a way to keep the cities pets and kids safe,
So she started breeding guardian dogs for the city of LA.

Max was a hero—well at least she was to me,
But unfortunately not everyone saw the way she would see.

Neighbors thought the farm was an eyesore…a messy waste of space.
They said a farm is for the countryside; a city is just not the place!

She tried to explain that a city needs a farm more than ever!
But they didn’t want to hear her ideas—no matter how clever.

They tried to get the farm shut down every way that they could.
Max fought for her farm, but was often misunderstood….

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